Employee Development Training

Plastics applications are not simple. Managing interactions and variables complicate the entire molding and manufacturing process. Since 1974, MANAR Inc has continuously upgraded and added employee training opportunities to increase employee knowledge, skills, and capabilities in the Plastic industry.

Employee On-Boarding & Orientation

As a new employee to a MANAR Inc facility, you will attend a one-week interactive classroom training that introduces you to your job tasks, company processes, workplace safety, and any job-specific technical training.

On-The-Job Training

New employees and employees that are promoted or transferred to different jobs within the company participate in On-The-Job training with a supervisor or seasoned employee.  This hands-on instruction allows for team relationship building and measuring skills gaps on the factory floor. 

Department & Job Specific Training

MANAR Inc is committed to continuous improvement principles and annually reviews employee performance and training needs.  For instance, as part of the Quality team, an employee can request to complete an online training session on a specific topic or a Human Resource staff member could request to attend a seminar on how to recruit for difficult to fill positions.  Our Managers and Supervisors can also request training on teamwork, leadership, or supervisory skills.


With its roots in custom injection molding, MANAR Inc today is a leading supplier of contract manufacturing services and injection molded plastic parts to companies in a range of industries.  We are always searching for that student who is interested in the Plastics Industry and manufacturing. 
As an Intern at MANAR Inc, the possibilities are endless.  You’ll walk away with hands-on experience and skills. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about different departments, machinery, and community service projects. Our internship opportunities foster innovative thinking for meaningful projects within the company and transform classroom learning into a real-life impact. Currently, internships are available in these departments: