GW Plastics, known globally for our excellence in injection molding, innovation, and excellence, continues to pioneer scientific molding with our GW/SM process. Our data-based, proven methodology ensures that we meet stringent customer needs, reducing defect occurrence to provide the highest integrity of product quality consistency over the life of the project.

As a service to our employees and loyal customers, we are now offering in-house training courses to assist both technical and non-technical stakeholders in understanding and applying GW/SM principles to their own production floors. All courses are taught by one of GW Plastics’ RJG-Certified trainers at our Technology Center in beautiful Royalton, VT.

Interested in learning more about GW/SM and our scientific molding classes? Contact us for more information and we’ll help you meet your next challenge!

Please note that these classes are only open to GW employees and existing customers.

Our Courses

Course Description

Enhance your math skills to ensure an easier grasp of techniques in the Injection Molding Essentials course.

The Math for Molders course is intended for anyone who struggles with mastering the math skills needed to successfully complete injection molding processing courses. This course is an instructor-led class that focuses on the math skills required to process using scientific molding techniques.

This course is an add-on day for RJG Injection Molding Essentials course. By adding the extra day of math class, students will better grasp the math techniques taught, and the knowledge proves a better math skills foundation for future RJG courses.

Course Highlights

  • Calculating area for various shapes to understand square inches at the parting line
  • Clamp tonnage requirements to understand using square inches with plastic pressure to establish clamp force requirements
  • Ratios to calculate intensification ratio, screw design
  • Pascal’s equation to understand how force, pressure, and area affect the process
  • Speed versus time to verify the machine is capable of delivering the plastic to the mold
  • Group activities for solving real mathematic problems with the molding process

Course Description

This course is designed for anyone new to injection molding. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the injection molding process and the critical practice of good production techniques. You will fully grasp the elements and variables involved in the injection molding process and learn key terminology that will help you communicate and solve molding problems.

Students leave this course familiar with all major components of an injection molding machine and mold, as well as the three elements of the cycle and what happens during each phase. They will understand the general nature and properties of plastics and understand the economic impact of making rejects, blocking cavities, and cycle time variation, and will learn why the four plastic variables (Melt Temperature, Flow Rate, Pressure Gradient, Cooling Rate and Time) are important when trouble-shooting a process.

Course Highlights

  • Nature and properties of plastics
  • Basic injection molding
  • The clamp, injection unit, and mold
  • Elements of the cycle
  • Molding for quality
  • Introduction to instrumented molding
  • Avoiding common molding problems