Funding Bright Futures for Vermonters

In partnership with Vermont Technical College and the State of Vermont, we are proud to offer generous scholarships each year to students pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. The GW Plastics Scholarship Program is awarded in conjunction with a paid summer internship at our Bethel, VT headquarters.

Between our scholarship program and paid internship, it is possible for a student to completely cover the tuition cost of their degree. Not only are we helping to pay for their education, we are also providing students with real-life, on-the-job training through a paid internship resulting in a job upon graduation. For students who may not have thought college and a rewarding career path were financially attainable, this can be life-changing. We are fortunate to have built a strong partnership with Vermont Technical College, a leader in applied technical education for manufacturing.

For more information or to apply for this year’s scholarship program by March 31, 2020, please contact Cathy Tempesta at