Consumer Plastics Injection Molding Solutions

In recent years, the consumer goods market has been one of the most inventive plastic manufacturing industries as millions of products are produced yearly bringing in billions of dollars in revenue. The consumer plastics industry has facilitated incredibly innovative techniques of plastic injection molding. Plastic injection molding (PIM) has become more complex, as the consumer plastics industry demands their suppliers to have the ability to do intricate functions and have more moving parts.

At MANAR, our plastic injection molding company continually refines our processes to provide our clients with the best possible products at the highest quality. The process of consulting on design and materials along with manufacturing can be tricky at times. Many customers demand multiple colors of their plastic components within the parts and design. Our team understands the different processes needed to find the one that is best suited for the efficiency of your project. All of our products are engineered and manufactured in the United States.

Types of Consumer Products For Plastic Injection Molding

    • Commerical Fan Components
    • Sturdy Consumer Eye Wear
    • Toys & Novelty Plastic Parts
    • Landscaping Products
    • Consumer Fishing Tackle Box
    • Commercial & Consumer Kitchenware
    • Tool Handles & Components
    • Lighting Devices & Housing
    • Firearm Applications
    • Storage Drawer Units
    • Retail Product Dispensers

Types of Industrial & Construction Products For Plastic Injection Molding

    • Industrial Fan Components

    • Marine Belt Covers & Housings

    • Specialty Chemical Mixing Impellers

    • Industrial Lighting Plastic Parts

    • Medicine Cabinets

    • Plumbing Pipes and Parts

    • Electronic Enclosures

    • Window & Door Components

    • Power Tool Housing

    • Filter Housing

Industrial & Construction Plastics Molding Solutions

Plastics are now available that are stronger than steel, more durable than almost any other substance on earth, and relatively inexpensive to produce –  which is especially helpful for the construction and industrial industries.  Providing construction companies with the necessary materials and mold-related resources is a huge part of what we do here at MANAR. Our plastic injection molding company uses the strongest polymers and materials in the industry, making us the best resource for industrial products.

We understand that plastic components designed and manufactured to meet industrial specifications might be challenging when it comes to the selection of materials and resins.  MANAR has experience partnering with our customers as more metal parts are being converted to plastics parts.  This conversion provides weight reductions, shorter lead-times, and cost savings.  Our team has proficiency in working with high operating temperatures, harsh chemicals, and any high impact properties.

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