Expert Plastic Painting For Our Customers

For more than 10 years, MANAR Inc has provided Class “A” paint finishes to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the Lawn and Garden, and Industrial markets.  Combining our core expertise of painting application with plastic injection molding, assembly, and packaging, we provide a one-stop-shop for the molding and Class A painting of plastic components.

The injection molding process produces plastics parts that often lack the cosmetic and eye-catching value you need for the consumer.  If you can’t achieve the color and texture you need straight from the mold, there are several possible plastic painting processes available. The MANAR Inc team knows the chemistry and characteristics of plastic materials, the molding process, the mold surface, and part surface preparation to ensure long-lasting adhesion to produce desired results.

Working with our customers, we can offer solutions to the challenges that can’t meet your specifications by using Post Decoration and Laser Etching and over-molding, which have become common.  When these methods don’t deliver the desired results, we can add colored designs to enhance the part’s appearance and performance. Our team has extensive experience in electrostatic shield painting, on plastic or metal, that will meet your specifications..

Our plastic injection molding design experts can help you choose the most efficient painting process that will deliver the result you need for your end-user, with on-time delivery at a competitive price.